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Leslie J. Moran

It looks like you have not only conquered your fear of the blank page, but have acquired a delightfully arty format in refurbishing old books. This is wonderful work! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your creative ideas. I think I'll try this one.

susan crane

seriously cool.......

Jannie Mc

I know exactly what you mean - I have several notebooks, bought for their gorgeous covers, daring me to use them.... I really like the 'overload' approach. Thanks!

moss sister #3

sister! i'm at school and just showed the craft monkeys your journal pics in this post. here's what they said,
"does everyone in your family keep a visual journal?"
"how long did it take to do that"
"can we do that"
"is your sister an artist?"
"did her daughter draw that picture?"


Sister! tell them I said HI and I like looking at their journals so I thought I would show mine. Tell them that of course they can do it, that it doesn't take too long, that I am an artist in my own mind and thats what counts, and finally that Lewis and Clark drew that picture with my help.

Brian Kasstle

Love seeing your journal pages! Mucho more please-o....


Beautiful, inspiring, fabulous . . . and all so authentically original.

I'm just wondering: how do you get the pages to glue down so smoothly, and right to the inner edge?

I'm just in awe . . .


Angela: In this journal I used a glue stick alot. I like to smooth things down with a bone folder to really get them to stick nicely. I remove pages from the book so the inner edges aren't so "tight" that you can't get things right to the center... and as you can see a good roll of masking tape can't be beat.


Great tips! Thanks, Carol!

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