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Thinking of you and hoping all is well. Love the idea of making a determined effort to infuse beauty and good food into your life following a less-than-lovely experience featuring a wrist band and hospital gown.

I've noticed my small dog does a similar thing. After having her teeth involuntarily brushed, she shakes herself thoroughly to rid herself of any bad memories, demands a small treat, and then asks to enter the backyard where she can chase down an unsuspecting bird or cat intruder. Makes me wonder how much smarter she is than I am . . .


Oh yes yes all is well. Routine check. I am going to go out back and chase a bird now. Maybe I was a small dog in a former life?

Nancy Lynn

So good to hear that you are okay. I never like to see anyone in those gowns.....and they aren't the most flattering either. That dessert looked wonderful.


I've been in my share of gowns, glad to hear that all is well.

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