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mary ann

stop lying about me teaching you anything about bookmaking. you came up with those all on your own and i didn't have diddly squat to do with it. besides whenever i try and tell you anything you plug your ears and start humming.
any more lies and i will post the pic of you in the compromising position. the most recent one. yeah. that one.


Those are really a great idea. And I bet you do get tons of questions and compliments when you use it at a meeting or fabulous luncheon date. Unfortunately, my life is too boring to even need a planner.

and that comment above...well, it just makes me wish I had a sister.

Love both of your blogs....


love, love, love the journal - would love to see more close-ups of the pages - awesome job! You and Mary Ann definitely share the same creative genes!


Sister! those were not lies. I have been carefully observing, taking notes, and storing away information to use at just the right time. the planner is but one example. wait until I show everyone the other things you taught me.


You two sisters are just too funny. And inspiring. Carol, you have your own style, maybe a bit more structured than Mary Ann's--nothin' wrong with that! Customized planner--love. My current store-bought planner is customized with your sister's (your?) travel journal ideas (packing taped fold out pages, stapled photos, security envelope pockets, etc). Works for me, but I'm feeling the need for a more personal planner...maybe 2012 will be the year. Thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy Lynn

So when are you going to do a class on this planner? It looks wonderful.

Judy H.

Cool! :D

Toni Brown

indeed, planner class -- could be good. I, however, opt for this: go, make haste (run-don't-walk), get thee a licensing agreement, and get these beauties out on the market for 2012!!! You'll earn some serious travel cash for you and M.A.'s gallivants, and be doing us slackers out there (ok, ME!) a suhWEET service!


I want one! Class time, sisters.


me vote for class too !

julie macneil

they look yummy, i want to make one too! more photos please and a class too!

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