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I wish I were a little tyke in your family so I could be gifted the very same ensemble. I'd wear it proudly when the ice starts dripping from the sky here in Kansas! Beautiful...


I am declaring myself a big baby and need a sweater and hat set pronto. Please? I'll let you squish my granddaughter.

Judy H.



So precious, Grasshopper! This outfit would look perfect in pink! Or orange, dark green, heathered yarns...I'm a push over for knitting baby things! I live in a much hotter (115F) place, high desert southwest, than you do...I knit year round as do many of my friends.

Love the pix of the cats...Lewis & Clark...will you ever have another pair? Like Bonnie and Clyde? Frankie and Johnny? Fred and Ginger? Tristan & Isolde? Romeo & Juliet?

I have a new Bengal cat, soon to be 2 yrs, I can't find a name I like for this cat...first time ever in over 20+ years of having cats that I can't find a name that suits her.

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