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jeanette, mistress of longears

ROFL! I'm afraid the equivalent of the Garden Supervisor at Longears is Ozzie the Digger and he always feels he should re-distribute the mulch. Grrrrr....!

Brian Kasstle

I know I have two of those bossy bosses myself. Here she is now... "Pet me, scratch my ears, pick me up"

Judy H.

Feeling your bed-edging pain. We've got zoysia grass that creeps unrelentingly into flower beds. Need a machete to keep the enemy at bay. :)

Nancy Lynn

We don't have that problem here but I wish we did as I miss all the green stuff. I love your supervisor. All I have to contend with is gravel landscape and sharp objects like cactus.

mary ann

now you know good and well it was CHRIS that was edging those beds while you did a photo shoot. wasn't it?
just checking.


Now listen here - I needed a hand/body double for the rake work and he was glad to stand in, but I am the boss of the edges.

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