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Leslie J. Moran

I love the way the two color threading turned out! Very nice results. I'm sure this will propel you onto bigger and bigger projects. Next...a quilt???


Oh yeah, baby! Summery, light, functional, unique, art. Inspiring!

Brian Kasstle

Yes, you can make some of your sester's journals....


gorgeous! I have some fabric that is just begging to be made into a couple of these! Thanks for sharing....you always inspire!

Judy H.


Nancy Lynn

This turned out fabulous and I love the colors. Can't wait to see what you make next. Also, thanks for the Granola recipe. I am going to get the ingredients tomorrow at Trader Joes.

Violet Cadburry

That is so cute. I love how you color outside the lines with the thread. My old home ec teacher would have graded this a D....believe me, I got a lot of those, while Miss Prissy PIss Pants always got the A with her rigid precisely straight top stiching. Those would make super x-mas presents.


Carol: I found a website that shows how to thread machines of your Fleetwood vintage...lots of sites come up when you Google Fleetwood sewing machine: Most of the machines of this era were threaded basically the same way...yours is a bit different in that the hook on the machine pictured on the website is pointing down where yours is up on top...

Hope this helps:)


Love it. Just the colors I am wearing most right now. I would def.wear that on my wrist while waiting for my iced coffee!

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