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Sharon W

Threading can be such a bore, but try working when you have eliminated or missed one or two of those thingees......they control the tension that creates a nice smooth stitch. Likewise that last little slot that bobbin thread goes into when loading the bobbin: leave it out and you get "thread throwup" on the back of the piece. My first sewing mentors used to say "TNT" as the solution to problems: if there is a bad stitch, check the THREADING first, and then the NEEDLE (Dull? inserted incorrectly?) and last the TENSION. In my experience it is always incorrect threading that causes the problem. Your fabrics look delicious, so good luck with your project.

robin cox walsh

I have stash envy! Your fabrics look yummy! Can't wait to see what you're making!

Nancy Lynn

I got in the habit when working on my ROD pages to use whatever bobbin was there and whatever spool of thread there was. Or as Mary Ann would say "whatever". I love your fabric pieces and can't wait to see what you make with them.


Having been a quilter for many years, I estimate that I put at least a million miles of thread through my machines...believe me, I know the importance of threading a machine properly...nothing will go right if you miss one step in the process. Looking at the pix of your machine I believe I've spotted a potential threading problem in the first photo...see that little hook shaped thingy behind the dial with the numbers? Then behind that are two disc shaped things? Your thread needs to go between the two discs and up and over that hook shaped thingy...this creates tension on the thread at that point....your tension will be off if the thread doesn't pass between those discs at the back of the dial with numbers. If you don't have a manual check online for your machine model. What is it? An older Kenmore or Pfaff?

mary ann

i love what sharon wrote about TNT. i will remember that forever!
can you sew me a new bra? with pink and orange thread?
just askin'


Thanks Joan for the threading tip for my Fleetwood Zig Zag Deluxe sewing machine that I think is from the 60's? I am re-threading before I start my next masterpiece.

Sharon I double what my sister said about the TNT. Good tip!

Sister new bra with pink and orange thread and purple trim coming up. Shall I make matching bottoms? Hey - you could wear it in Budapest as your swimming costume! Let me get right on that.

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