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Leslie J. Moran

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness! Yes, you have double hollyhocks there. They DO need to be staked. Their little ballroom gowns are just too fluffy to hold themselves up. I think they are biennial plants...they bloom every other year? Leaving the stakes in the ground will remind you where they are - or plant more and more and more and they'll keep reseeding. They look like they got into one of your martini episodes and are resting now :)! A bit hungover??


I cannot wait to start the FTB class. And, so long as the ingredients are available here, I'll be making up those cocktails.

Is it too late to rescue those little beauties? If not, I suppose you could float some blossoms on water in one of your husband's pots? Far too gorgeus to waste.


Oh my gosh, I think I am going to cry over the hollyhocks....how sad they look on the ground. I think you should focus on the FTB drink recipe and the sting of that picture won't be so hard on you.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Hmmm... I admit I was puzzled by your previous post about flopping hollyhocks...mine never flop. However, mine are the old-fashioned singles, not the doubles in your photo. Mystery solved!

Violet Cadburry

Gorgeous! Don't cry over spilt Hollyhocks, put some felt eyes and antenna on them and call 'em a catepillar. Banana drinks, hmmmm, not too sure about that. Give me a good Kahlula recipe and I'm in. Counting the days until FTB.

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