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julie macneil

so cute! i LOVE the way you write and how often you post! love the colors of the towels too! happy summer!

Nancy Lynn

It is a good thing for the head dishwasher to be happy......really happy.......and when there are a lot of dishes.....throw in a Martini and all will be well with the world.


Now that there are only two of us in the house we no longer use the dishwasher as it takes a couple of weeks to fill it up! I agree, summery dishtowels are a MUST!

Oddly enough, I knit dishcloths but don't like to use them...too thick. All my friends love them so they go to good homes.

Out where the west gets wild.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Thank heaven SOMEONE is contributing to the economic recovery! I'm sure it would be recovered sooner if you could just knit a little faster. :-)

mary ann

i'm sure CHRIS is very happy with his new towels.


Chris is most certainly NOT the head dishwasher. He's the executive chef. He can't worry his head with suds and stuff.

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