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Nancy Lynn

Maybe you should have used reversed psychology like.....I really don't care if you grow or not.... It is looking nice but boy that is a long time to wait. Dang, you are patient.

jeanette, mistress of longears

You have discovered the true secret to gardening. Once, I was so impatient and fed up with my 3 year old wisteria, which sulked and flopped and refused to reach for the sky like the catalogue showed, I finally, in a fit of anger, CHOPPED IT TO THE GROUND! And began to browse catalogues for a different plant for that space. That was all it took! The very next spring, it popped up out of the ground and raced 10 feet up the pergola! Over the next few years, it began to wring the life out of the pergola and slipped its itchy tendrils under the cedar siding on the house. When the nails began to pop out, I knew it was either the wisteria or me! I declared war and after 3 years of constant vigilance, victory was mine. It was gone.


I have never heard of an Oak Leaf Hydrangia...my goodness, that's a very strange but awesome looking plant. Patience pays off...but is not one of my virtures...in fact I don't think I have any virtues...HA

Jeanette: I can relate to your wisteria story...I once planted a cape honeysuckle, a shrub with bright orange trumpet shaped flowers. I added some Miracle Grow to the soil. I have to add that this went next to a studio, under the eaves in a planter. I swear, when I checked on the plant the next afternoon it had grown about a foot. Within 6 weeks it was up to the EAVES! This was behaving more like Jack and the Beanstalk! After 6 months the eaves started showing light coming from inside the studio! Lordy, we hacked that monster plant down before it lifted the roof right off...

Another monster plant is Lady Bank's Rose...don't ever plant one next to a house or building that you value...it can take roofs off too. I have several planted next to a solid concrete block wall in the back yard, the only safe place for it. For all the maintenence required (constant trim back) the blasted plant only blooms for about 2 weeks in early spring...it's a breathtaking display looking like a yellow waterfall cascading over that wall...not much of a reward for a lot of work. My husband would like to hack the things down or set fire to them...he's into dramatic gestures.

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