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I am reading this early in the morning (5:30 am)... my normal work week reading time. Your drinks always put me in the "its 5 oclock somewhere" mood... I think right now though, I would take a Vanilla Baboon or Chocolate Monkey -- mixed with my morning coffee!!!


One Vanilla Baboon Please. Sounds wonderful.

Leslie J. Moran

I'll be over at the liquor store if you need me! I must stock up on supplies! Of course one would NEED to try all versions. I'm thinking I'm going to love the chocolate version by the sound of the ingredients. Clever monkey you are!


I'm trying new ways! Have never posted a comment before and now I don't know what to say! Have written you an e-mail. Will soon try one of your drinks - they look really fancy. I'm more the "glass of white wine type" - which sounds more boring than it is! :) Take care

Barbara Hagerty

Hi Carol, I've stopped by from FTB. So glad Mary Ann has introduced her students to her sister! I'm sure we'll all be happier chimps, and healthier too! All that alcohol will ward off any germs headed our way. No summer colds in this group, but maybe a *hic* or two...


Barbara: Thank you for pointing out the health promoting aspect of these drinks. I feel better already!

Krams1: there is not a thing in the world that I don't like about a nice glass of chilled white wine on a hot summer night. Thanks for reminding me. I might just go have one of those now.

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