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Brian Kasstle

Gee not bad for a first effort though. Don't count yourself out! Won-der-ful!

Sharon W

In the old days of film photography you could have played with developing the two images on top of each other, which I think would be quite interesting. Don't know much about photoshop, but wonder if this kind of experimentation is still possible? At any rate, it seems an interesting visual representation of your personalities!!!


The beauty of the moon's mystery is what fascinates me. Soem people like to see the details, I'm one for keeping the romance of that gorgeous silver lady (or man in some languages).

julie macneil

what is amazing to me is how much light your moon is giving off and how dark your husbands moon appears! and yet they are the same! very cool!!!!

jeanette, mistress of longears

I feel that you will get there! Keep it up!

Leslie J. Moran

This is something I've always wanted to accomplish as well. More inspiration.

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