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Nancy Lynn

I like the "thinking" part the best because you can sit down for that part. Have a great weekend whatever you have planned.

Judy H.

A very full day! :D

julie macneil

i love the peak into your journal!!!!! thank you for sharing!

jeanette, mistress of longears

a day perfectly spent!

mary ann

birds know how to make nests like that because when they are born each bird is given a nest building manual written in bird language by other birds who have gone before. i know this because when i was born a manual was accidently placed in my beak. thus i know how to build bird nests too. didn't you always wonder why i was constantly gathering twigs and leaves and feathers when i was little? i built them in secret. i still do. i am 100% on this claim.


well that explains all those chirping noises you used to make in your sleep at night... and still do by the way.

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