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Ah, I know that look of help and good intentions. Just this morning, I found a ball of very expensive tiny mohair/silk blend yarn (from that famous Brit brand) over by someone's food. He was protecting it from something ... just not sure yet what it was!

Nancy Lynn

Now don't be too hard on my buddy there. He has good intentions although it might not end up that way..... Have fun with all that pretty fabric if your friend doesn't get to it first.


Oh yes...so willing to help. I have never had a cat that didn't want to be right in the middle of what I was working on or doing...like reading the paper, trying to type on the computer, knitting, sewing, yeppers, great helpers, or at least they have good intentions.

Joan, out where the west gets wild


You and Mary Ann have such beautiful and well-intentioned cats. Just shows how nicely brought up they are.

Violet Cadburry

If he is like my cats, he took you literally and sashayed into the kichen, leaped with grace and style onto the counters, assumed a perch, swept his tail back and forth, pretending to dust, while eyeballing the canary.

Leslie J. Moran

Seeing your stash of wonderful fabrics has impelled me to sort through a bunch of fat quarters I have stowed away and finally start on that magical sewing machine cover I've been wanting to whip up!

Lisa Hoffman

great photos!
Those cat children are off the hook. We should send my dogs and The Carol/M.A. cats to summer camp.

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