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julie macneil


Brian Kasstle

Yeah your gainfully employed!



CONGRATS!!!! Did YOUR new shoes help???? VBG


Congratulations! New shoes and a new job; what more could a girl want?

Leslie J. Moran

I think it was the toenail polish. You just watch, the recruiter will have the same when you go in for your NEW position!!!!! Yeah. Well done.

jeanette, mistress of longears



Woo Hoo! What an amazing joy! However, do you think you and she will end up being Evil Shoe Seeking Companions? It could put a dent in that salary.
Big congratulations on the new job.

Judy H.

Congrats! :D


Brilliant news! Well done.

So funny about the shoes - they must be magic.

Nancy Lynn

I don't know if it was shoes or the nail polish that got you the job but whatever it was, it worked and congrats to you.


I love the shoes, the polish, the sunrise and especially the 52 by 53. I want to play : )


WOOT! I know the shoes had something to do with it. I'm a shoe nut from way back to my childhood. you know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Is the job closer to home, in the same line of work or did you go for something totally different?

Whee, hope it's a great ride?


For moon photos you need a camera with manual settings, set to slow shutter speed which will allow for maximum light gathering through the lens. In order to take pix you also need a tripod as a wide open lens will allow for the slightest body movement...even breathing will cause camera movement. You also need a cable release to make sure there is as little movement as possible. You can also use a time release feature on most cameras...this requires a tripod too.

In lieu of a tripod, if you can find a sturdy wall, post, rock to set the camera on you could get a decent photo with a cable release. With a slow shutter speed you will get the stars and planets showing up in a circular pattern in the night sky.

Hope this helps. Let me know what camera you have...a point and shoot won't get the job done for moon shots. You might have a better chance of success in the fall when the huge harvest moons show up...check the moon phases for that time of year. You could use a point and shoot for those shots... Being that KS is flat as a pancake a harvest moon shot should be spectacular.


Congrats!! I saw those shoes in a store in Idaho this past week and thought of you!

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