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You make Kansas romantic.

julie macneil

such beautiful houses, and everything looks so cool and fresh! can't wait to go across town with you!

julie macneil

and i would LOVE to look into that open window with you! i imagine we'd find a room filled with books along the walls and a comfy window seat with soft cushions, just inviting us to curl up with a good book and then take a nap, if there was time of course before the police came!


Yes indeed - waiting here, ready for the off.

Couldn't we ask those people who dented their nice roof decoration?

(Actually, do you ever do that - knock on an unknown door?)

Nancy Lynn

The ride around Lawrence was delightful. Can't wait for our continued journey around your town. When I look at other people's places, I always wonder what they are doing, who they are, etc. You know inquiring minds need to know these things.

Leslie J. Moran

Keep driving. The view from the back seat is marvelous!

Violet Cadburry

Beautiful, but where's the corn?


My sister and I play the same game at the airport, telling each other the stories of the people passing by. We have never spoken of what they eat for dinner though, maybe we should start. Love your blog!

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