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new job new shoes new outfit
holy crapoli!

Pat P

Of course it will go well. You know where to find coffee, and you are wearing your lucky shoes! Best of luck!


Oh, the wonders of a new place to work... I hope the honeymoon with your new job lasts forever!

marta traughber


Nancy Lynn

Wishing you the best on your new job.

Judy H.

Glad your first day went well! :)


I'm sure you'll fit right in and enjoy working with a whole new group of colleagues. After being in one job for many years, I'm sure you had feelings of trepidation, surely dispelled once the first few hours were finished. I hope all your days are happy, fulfilling ones. Best of luck to you.


Be very happy in your new job. I have a feeling you'll be making others happy too.

Do consultants like Dr House really exist??

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