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I don't know that I could paste/paint/over writing if it was from my journal...aren't you covering up stuff you want to remember? It seems counter -productive to keeping a journal. Or am I making the wrong point here? The collage looks like capsules/meds and a link of DNA.

PS: If I ever get to KC I want to go to the Filling Station for a coffee and muffin like Mary Ann had in the photos on her blog...


Joan: It's a date... for the filling station I mean, when you come to KC. About covering over writing... that is just what I intended. Sometimes I like to write to get it out and then just fugetaboutit! That art work was on the cover of a newsletter from a hospital and I really liked the shading that was used.


Hi, Carol -
I like the idea of getting it all out and then covering it up (particularly if it was from a bad day!). The bright reds and blues look prettier too! Sounds like you and Mary Ann had a blast during your visit too. Aren't sisters grand?

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