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julie macneil

so nice that your sister could come for a visit! love your journal and i agree there's nothing nicer then coloring!


I'm sure your visit with sister was fun. Saying goodbye is not easy. I'm glad you were able to enjoy some tasty goodies (everything looks delish!) and have time to write in your journal...something I'd love to be able to do, but can't stick with it no matter how hard I try.


Nancy Lynn

I know you are missing Mary Ann but I can't think of a better place to sit and write in your journal with all that baking goodness around....oh dear me. Just the thoughts of it puts on another five pounds.

jeanette, mistress of longears

I am constantly impressed with your far-ranging travels....these places are mostly way closer to me than to you and I never seem to get there! Shame on me!

Leslie J. Moran

Isn't it interesting which form our "doodles" take?? I also get into the circle mode. I especially find scrap pieces of paper near the wall-phone in the kitchen adorned with circles after a long and winding conversation. Now I'll be sure to have some colouring instruments nearby :)

Judy H.

*Like!* :)

Jane Bumar

I have been reading your blog for a while and somehow just never have posted a comment (shame on me!) but just want to say thank you for posting your journal pages and sharing your wit and humor. It's always like a double dip of "I'd love to hang out with them!" when I read your and your sister's adventures - keep on journaling and keep on sharing!

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