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Judy H.

Totally get the two planes plan. Totally love a good root beer float, though I actually like a blended float even better. I believe I need to indulge in one this weekend. :)

Nancy in Fair Oaks

I think the Royal family has the same rule for flying separately but you two are much more valuable than any royals! Hope Budapest is everything you dream of.


OMG - My dinner tonight was the best fish sandwich in Seattle (lettuce, no cheese please) and a root beer float at a genuine old-fashioned drive-in where the waitress comes to your car and takes your order and brings it back on a metal tray that hangs on the window. It was a delicious summer meal. Your sister has sent us smoke cloud signals along with street and food pictures. It looks lovely. Have a wonderful time.


Ah, root beer float... will stop at the store on the way home from work today and get the ingredients. Hum... wonder what I can put in it to make it a FRIDAY after a long week at work float?

I just assumed it was because you were like the royals, and the coke VIPs and the other great leaders. Plus, I bet your new job wanted you there for a week or so before letting you take your first vacation! HA! I bet you are SOOOO good they would have let you do just about anything!


Root beer floats are my DH's favorite summer treat. Safe travels on Saturday.

Pat P

Safe Travels... can't wait to see all that you two will see via the cyberness. Personally, I think it is brilliant on your part to let her go first and figure out all the cool places to go. You can thus avoid all that meandering she does without a clue where she is going (which just amazes me, but makes me want to be Braver.) Have fun!

Nancy Lynn

This post took me back to a small rural town where I was raised in the 40's/50's/early 60's and we had an A and W root beer stand where they came up to the car and attached the tray to the window and on the tray there stood a real A and W root beer float.


Mmm . . . already had my summer root beer float but may need another to finish up the last two weeks of fun before going back to work. Have FUN in Budapest -- it looks like Mary Ann is figuring it all out for you.


Have a great trip!!


Oh...bigtime memories of childhood with this post...rootbeer float is top of the list of faves for summer.

I was very sad to read in the news that A&W is closing it's existing restaurants. Not that they resemble the ones of my childhood...with the car hop bringing the floats in those frosted mugs (little tiny ones for the kids) and that first yummy sip. It's the taste of summer.

I have some Hagen Daz Caramel and Jones Creme Soda in the frig...I'm going to make a float out of that...I'm in my PJ's and don't want to go out for rootbeer.

Melissa S.

Have a FANTASTIC time with your sister! I am going to have a rootbeer float to celebrate your trip...thanks for the idea!

Michel Murphy

Good point. We are depending on you two. Can't wait to see your posts from Europe's most beautiful city.

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