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Leslie J. Moran

I LOVE this post. Thanks for sharing this exquisite time with your Dad. Hole-in-one indeed!

Nancy Lynn

Wow........two hole in ones.........that's impressive to say the least. You go girl.


How nice that you can play in the midst of summer. You would have to be on the first tee at 5 am, still dark, to play in the heat we have all summer long...100+mostly plus. Your clubs would melt, you'd have heat stroke by noon if you were out there any later than 8 am.

Glad you have such fond memories of your golf days spent with dad.


Well said, Sister. Very well said. It is my hope that his great grandsons will carry on the tradition when the time comes (and his great granddaughters too if and when they arrive!) I hope they get as much pleasure from it as you, me and Brandon. Keep 'em in the short grass.

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