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WHAT? Your sis might move from L.A.???? OMG, she'll have to re-name her blog won't she?
It's good to have a navigator when schlepping around a new area. I love maps...so not having a sense of direction is very foreign to me. I'll take a map over GPS any day.


Nancy Lynn

I see a familiar face.......nice to have a navigator available when one tends to get lost. Hope you are having a great time rooting around to all the fun areas of town.


You two make me want to move to Kansas!


So... does this mean MA is moving to your area??? I guess this might be how rumors get started???? My sister lives a few states over from me and I'd love to live closer to her. BTW... that menu looks like prime journal fodder.

jeanette, mistress of longears

My poor mother could get lost going to the basement from our kitchen. I learned early to read a map and find my way about town! I am at your service! Especially if you are looking for places to eat!!! :-)


You'll never be lost if you stick together.

How lovely to see MA's dear face behind that menu!


Why, oh, why would Sister Moss move to KS?!?!?

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