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Wow! Are those silos huge! The car on the road looks positively miniature.

The Mexican Food restaurant...bet the food is delish! We have an old place downtown, same family owners from the early 50's...El Sombrero.

Love the older neighborhoods with porches, every house looks different, old fashioned, charming. When I go to new towns I always seek out the older, quaint
areas. I can't remember what they call those old metal porch/lawn chairs.

Trains! Don't even get me started...I've loved trains since I was a child in St. Louis. I came to Calif. on the train with my grandparents in 1946...still used the old steam engines. Love the sound of the train whistle, always brings back the sound of the Lucky Strike Hit Parade playing St. Louie Woman. Still love the music from that era.

I thought you'd be traveling with Sis to Budapest....

Out where the west gets wild.


What a perfect picture of an imagined outing over that bridge.

I think it's safe to say that almost all non-Americans have a curious sort of nostalgia for an American youth. We've never been there or lived it but it's all so... James Dean and Truman Capote and Carson McCullers. Yes, especially her.

It's true: you can love a time and a place and feel nostalgic about it. Comes from reading everything I could lay my hands on as I was growing up.

Thank you!

Judy H.

Love the pic of the contemporary house! I think it's one I've driven by in the past. *note to self: must make a trip to Lawrence soon; it's been way too long. :)

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