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Diana Giffin

Your last line made me laugh, Carol! You and Mary Ann have such a great outlook on life and travel. I enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing your photos and travel journals. I've wondered when you might teach an on-line journal class! The bits I've seen of your journals are pretty great and I look forward to seeing your Budapest pages.


The last line made me laugh out loud! You and your sister are each extraordinarily humorous and great at story telling, true or not! I have a yen to go to Budapest. You girls made it so inviting. I see the trip in my future... Thank you for inviting us into your life.

Judy H.

Yum...just yum. :)

robin cox walsh

LOL Enjoyed this post, both the YUM and the giggle!


I'm with everyone else here! That last line is one of the best descriptions of an unforgettable meal I have ever heard. LOL,TOO!

And why not order what you did in Budapest? Many restaurants world-wide now base their thinking on 'world fusion' when it comes to dining delights. I'm thinking if you live in Budapest you might also want a change from traditional Hungarian fare. I'm in the U.S. and very hungry right now. I wish I could head on over to Central Kavehaz for a bowl of that Asparagus Soup. You made me want it - real bad!

Michele Unger

I'm seriously trying to diet and you post THIS menu? I'm headed for the fridge and my emergency bag of carrot sticks! (The description was, literally, lip-smacking.)


Everything looks and sounds delicious. too bad there isn't a sound track so we could hear the chatter, clink and clack of the silverware, and the ooooohhhhs and aaaahhhhssss of you and MA drooling over your meal and smacking your lips.

I have had a memorable meal that could make me forget my name and phone number. It was in a little off the beaten path restaurant in Newport, OR where I had steamed peanut clams, home baked sour dough bread slathered with butter. a perfect dessert. Everything just worked...the aroma of the broth, the taste of the bread and the ambiance of the place...divine! Makes my mouth water just thinking about it, and that was 20 years ago!


And you'll have your travel journal with illustrations to remind you.
Perhaps you could have your name and telephone number tatooed somewhere? Just a thought.

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