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yoo hoo sister! i need a set of plates like the orange in the middle. send.


Love those plates! And the idea that you layered them. Love your blog and your sister's blog!

jeanette, mistress of longears

gorgeous colors!

Leslie J. Moran

And a pumpkin loaf to boot!


Went to bookstore/Starbucks last night and had pumpkin spice with whipped cream. Interior decorating!

Judy H.

So pretty!


I am especially fond of the orange viney thing and the green pedestal vase?!! My two favorite fall colors!!

Michel Murphy

I always like to honor the seasons by changing out some decor to reflect what's going on outside. I never understood how people can look at the same things everyday, every season for years! I would bore myself silly.


I seem to have a problem with my laptop using wifi at my hotel, so I'm posting from Starbucks where I'm enjoying a delicious Pumpkin Spice latte'. It's 20F here in Elko,NV.

Who does' t love Halloween? The decorations are wonderful...I love the Russian nesting dolls with the Halloween theme.

My vote for the best candy is Milk Duds even tho' Milk Duds managed to pull a filling out of my teeth years ago...I still love them. My choice for second favorite would have to be Butterfinger or anything caramel. Remember Sugar Daddys???Oh, did I love them...they could yank your teeth clean out...never mind a little Milk Dud pulling out a filling.

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