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Geraniums can be persnickety...they don't like being drowned...I let the beauties go nearly dry before watering unless they're in clay pots which require more frequent drinks. They also love being root bound.

Mums I like any time or any place. They are joyous, bursting with fall, showoffs. That pungent peppery aroma when the leaves are touched...ahhhh!

You change your name to Orange, I'll change mine to Russet. Maybe Mary Ann will be Goldie?

Leslie J. Moran

Don't you dare! Zinnia would be better! Then if you planted them in other colours, you're not stuck with orange. Now I have to do the Zinnia thing next year. I too got so fed up with all the pots, I just decided they had to go before the snow flies. It was 48 degrees here last night, so the frost will definitely be on the pumpkin this year!

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