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The pair of antelopes (can't think of their real name) in the first photo are looking for their mugs...the zebras are running for their first cup of the day and the last animal looks like he's totally ticked that the butler didn't arrive with the tray and muffins to nibble on which would certainly beat eating weeds for breakfast.



oh my goodness. you were really serious when you said you called them and they would get back in touch. how cool is that. i know you will do them justice. so glad you started a blog. your's and mary ann's are the 2 of the top 4 that i read everyday. thanks for sharing with us.


Dottie's photos lend increased credibility to many a tall tale :-)

Judy H.

Fab.U.Lous! All the Moss sisters are great photographers! :D


can i get in on that all expense paid trip?

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