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I'd say you've done some fine zigging and zagging! Really nice. I love the colors you chose. They look great next to the pumpkins!


Great pillow top! And did you like Kaffee Fassett? I saw him eons ago (when he was first famous for knitting) in Cincinnati more than -cough - 20 years ago. It was fun to try on all of his sweaters. Not much of a quilter since I left Indiana, but this is inspiring!

Leslie J. Moran

Dear Miss ZOP aka Z(innia)O(range)P(umpkin)

I can't believe the synchronicity going on here! I just received my Amazon order of "The Gentle Art of Quilt-Making" (Jane Brocket) yesterday, and spent the evening going through my "bits and pieces". I'm going to have to think about my project, but I'll be zigging and zagging in harmony soon. Love the pillow. Now SIT DOWN!


I think you did an awesome job with your pillow--it makes me want to get back into quilting!!


I'm a "real" quilter but didn't avert my eyes...and why would I ? I love it that you're widening your horizons...I quit quilting about 5 years ago to take up knitting. My Bernina has been in lockdown inside her cabinet all that time. Gave away all my fabric, sewing notions, etc. Small projects are great to learn about how much fun quilting can be...instant (almost) gratification. Good work!

marta traughber

that is a lovely little fall pillow.

Jane Bumar

I think so brilliant and so beautiful. I have not the patience for 'real quilting' myself, too structured. I admire its practitioners and their mad math skillz. I have none, and do not hunger for them. I do, however, hunger to make something as totally fricken' awesome as your art spunky pillow! Congratulations, and thank you for the inspiration :-)

Judy H.

Your pillow is cool! And I love Kaffe Fassett's work. :)

Michel Murphy

I like your simple, fresh design. Man, I need to get me a sewing machine!


your pillow looks great, love the fabrics and colors. bet it feels good on your back while you sit and dream of those leaves to lay down in, lol.

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