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Wow you give out the good candy!!
I think Rolo is the winner on all counts.... especially if you freeze them and then you can just take one out and suck on it while it melts, all that yummy goodness! Makes me almost wish I still ate candy! LOL
BTW, been loving your Fall photos... we haven't gotten much Fall here yet in Northern California, still waiting!

jeanette, mistress of longears

I hope chocolate is not as poisonous to cats as it is to dogs....:-) Please take into consideration whether your Milk Duds are fresh or stale. They are extremely susceptible to turning hard - too hart to chew- while Rollos have no such problem. However, the caramel in Rollos is unsatisfyingly thin and runny. No chew at all. As you may have noticed, I have a great deal of experience in this area and am happy to volunteer my services should you need them. Purely in the interest of science, of course.

Leslie J. Moran

Lewis looks so excited with his new assignment. When will he be allowed to start? He's even tucked his paws in very politely until you give the command. Good luck Lewis. This is a very important task! They must think a lot of you to have been given this mission :)


I totally agree with the Mistress of Longears -- are the Milk Duds fresh? If so, they would win hands down. So for Halloween, Milk Duds is the winner, which is why I dont give them out! I would eat them all!!! In reality, my caramel tastes have taken a upscale turn -- to Turtles. Yes, working all these years and having a little money to spend made me a caramel snob!


Lewis bases his final decision on aesthetics and previously submitted comments. He only likes science diet candy. Such a purist.

Judy H.

Lewis appears to be taking his responsibility very seriously! :D


Milk duds are my choice. Have you tried pretzel M&Ms? salty and sweet - the best combination!


LOVE them both!! Agree with the freshness issue with the MDs but if I have to choose, then I choose Rolo. I don't care that the caramel is runnier--it's bigger and easier on my poor teeth!!

Chris Oliveira

I have just discovered your blog, after linking to you from another. I feel the way I do (and I can tell you do too!) when I hit on a book that I love. I can't get enough. I am going back and reading through everything you have written. Thanks for sharing all you do - I will not miss another word of what you put here if I can help it!

And I think there is no contest - Milk Duds win for me!

marta traughber

milk duds stick to my teeth, so rolos are better!


Milk Duds.


Those Milk Duds used to be my favorite candy...until they pulled a filling out of my tooth! Another all time favorite was Walnettos...they were discontinued many years ago, but lo and behold I found them at Cracker Barrel restaurants until last year when I found out the supplier/maker no longer made them. Oh so good!
Aside from the above mentioned, other faves are See's Candy chocolate mints, Butterfinger, Junior Mints.


I'm not sure if there can be a comparison between these; to me, they're sort of like apples and oranges. (I'd have to eat both of them, just to be fair.) To me, the sentimental winner, though, would be Milk Duds. (as long as they're fresh- I need to keep my fillings!)

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