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I know that feeling well. I'm laughing in recognition. Did you ever think life would get so full of 'have to do's' that we'd be making dates with coffee cups? Even with ones as fine as yours!

Nancy Lynn

Well I am having a date with my coffee cup right now reading your ever so lengthy blog post....LOL. Have a great day. I love your blog.

jan mccann

But Carol, if you had them every day, would you enjoy them the same...?


Reading your blog always makes me want coffee! And I enjoy my coffe more from reading your blog- thank you!

Violet Cadburry

What a charming mug! I have to rise and shine really early to get any alone time with my coffee, but it is always worth it, so warm and satisfying. Love your travel journal. It is so cool that you learned how to write Hungarian, makes the whole visual milieu that much more intriguing. I am going to make your pumpkin martini this weekend:)

Michel Murphy

Love that pretty cup!


Hey, I have that cup. It's my work cup. I fill mine with green tea several times a day and it is perfect.

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