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Thank you for sharing your journal. It is beautiful! And I think it's wonderful that you get to travel with your sister and make memories. :)

julie macneil

love your pages!!!! thanks for sharing so yummy!!!


So beautiful - I've loved every page. Your love for the city of Budapest shines throughout this journal.

jeanette, mistress of longears

I am incredibly ambivalent about journalling on vacation....like you, I just want to experience everything during that precious time. But I so adore the fantastic travel journals people draw onsite. If I could just speed up my drawing/painting, I might be able to compromise..:-)


Another great entry. I so enjoy your blog, and Mary Ann's too. Thanks for you.


Another tour through Budapest...so beautiful. I had no idea.


I absolutely love it! So beautiful.


What's the story with the black shoes on the Danube?

I want to examine them closer, walk among them. Tell stories of who they belong(ed) to.

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