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jeanette, mistress of longears

You're right: it's transporting....and I wasn't even there!

Barbara S.

More, more, more please....I love it. I must admit to being a student of Mary Ann and also a big fan of her journals and classes!! I'm so inspired by both of you :)


I would like to go on a holiday and make a travel journal! I always have this feeling when I see a beautiful travel journal! They inspire me!


I'm sure a journal handmade by you would have been equally lovely and they way you made this one your own is just amazing. I can't wait to see more!

Debra Mason

Excellent! I love hearing about your travels with Mary Ann. I travel with my sister and your blogs always make me smile!

Leslie J. Moran

This is like double the pleasure. Thank you for sharing your version of the trip. I love everything about you two and your journals. Here's to many more!

Judy H.

Two thumbs up for your journal! :)


Very cool! I remember your posts upon your return. You had some wonderful photos. I've enjoyed seeing how you weave the written journal with your photos and collaged pieces. You've really caught a feeling of arriving in a wonderful place and striving to take it all in. I loved the Budapest Foo Dog - and imagine seeing Elvis at a cafe. There is something magical here. Thank you for sharing your journey.


liar liar pants on fire.
you know good and well that you STOLE that journal from me.
don't pull that table turning act on ME!
i sewed that journal together and i can UNSEW it anytime i want.
think about THAT.
now get over here and make me a pumpkin pie martini and we can sip by the fire out back!!!


Oh dear, I was just about to say you made the right decision, selflessly accepting and using that journal of your dear sister's...but then I read MA's comment above and decided I'd better just stay out of that discussion! Your journal looks fabulous, Carol, thanks for sharing with us!


I WAS going to comment on how good your aahing and oohing must have been to score that journal until I read MAM's comment and was dissuaded of that idea. Her idea of the martini by the fire outside sounds very appealing, though, so maybe I should compliment you after all. Aren't sisters great?!

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