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I've been reading 'Heddy & Me' by Susan Vega, born (1943) and raised in Budapest, now settled with her family in Australia. Wonderful frightening reading about the destruction of a country.

Great things have obviously happened since then as your journal shows a fabulously beautiful city.
Those baths were the only way that people during the war could get clean.

Leslie J. Moran

What attracted you to Budapest? It's not a locale that comes to mind at first. Is there a family/roots connection? I can't wait to hear where you two will end up together next time. In the meanwhile, I am so enjoying this privileged peek into your journal. I know what is attracting ME to Budapest!


Love the journal! Wish I had a fabulous journal-making sister to supply me with such a journal to start with, you lucky duck! Love what you've done with it! What fun.


Hungary is a country I know very little about...although I've read extensively about WW II, nothing took in Hungary. I'll pick up the book mentioned by Chrissy, sounds good.

The journal is great...I know it transports you back to the sights, sounds, smells, of a beautiful city.


Please let Joan know that I made a mistake about the book. It's author is Susan Varga (must have been thinking of Suzanne Vega the singer). Sorry.

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