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Sharon W

Go get the bottle or jar of olives. Drain them. Fill the jar around them with your choice of gin or vermouth. They will last "forever", and if you choose vermouth they are all you need to add to some chilled gin or vodka for an emergency martini. Good snacking also.


of good o-live advice here...

xox - eb.

Nancy Lynn

Oh I love green olives in any shape and form but don't have any olive bars around. Such a sad thing!!! Happy Holidays.

Leslie J. Moran

I'm going to follow Sharon W's idea IMMEDIATELY! I always wondered how they made those "tipsy" olives. Have you ever made a cream cheese and olive sandwich? I babysat a kid that came home every day after school and toasted a piece of bread, liberal dollop of Philly and then sliced the little olives....he was 8!!! I bet he has his olive jars full of vermouth now too.


Just got back from a trip to the market. Sitting here with a coffee. Wishing it was wine and olives. Looks like I need to head back to the market. Thank you! That last photo did it. Too wonderful to ignore.

Judy H.

I am a MAJOR olive eater! Everyday green olives are my fave; but garlic stuffed ones are a tasty treat too (they're not all created equal however). :)


Reisling is the ONLY wine I can drink...others give me a blinding headache. I've never met an olive of any color that I didn't like, with one exception...the little dried wrinkled up Italian ones...um, no...don't like.

I'd love to know who figured out that in order to not shrivel up and die from eating an olive right from the tree you had to brine/age/cure them??? Who figured out they went from wicked bad (don't ask how I know this) to over the moon delicious when cured???


YUM! Yep reisling is delish, and I LOVE olives. That comes from my Mother's side, and my daughter has inherited that gene too. Lucky for us my husband does not have that gene, so I get to eat the olives off his salad when we are out, and it leaves more for us olive-eaters around the house. :0)

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