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This is just beautiful. Jerline is lucky to have someone so thoughtful taking care of her.


Ric wrote his obituary a couple years ago and recommends that everyone do it. He likes the feeling of being in control of what is remembered about him (though he realizes that we could change it!)


I can honestly say that I've never considered writing the last word in my book. It simply didn't occur to me. I didn't read Stephen King's book either since I'm not a fan...his first book was enough for me.


I'll be thinking about this for a while. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks again Carol, for another day's vision. Thank you for your blog, I am so glad you decided to blog. And, no pressure, but I look forward to each day of it.

jacki long

Judy H.

Love this thought. King's ON WRITING has been on my to-read list for a while. I think I'll bump him up to the head of the list.


I guess writing your own obituary is like planning your own funeral? I've discussed my funeral plans with my longtime friend Lyndsay but I guess I better get writing too. We decided this isn't morbid, but necessary. It's kind of like leaving a will.

Leslie Gardiner

I really enjoyed this post. Very important thoughts. Leslie

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