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Looks like you had yourself a great weekend, and can you share the new orange knitting bad...would love to see it...I can't knit to save my life but can crochet to perfection ...ho now I'm just bragging ...my fav color are oliv green and burnt orange. And I'll bet I'll be jelouse...lol.......new at leaving comments but have followed for some time, really enjoying you posts. TFS


That knitting retreat looks fabulous. I love to knit but knitting is a team sport isn't it? It is so much more fun and productive not to be the only one in the room with knitting clicking away. Time to look for a retreat in my neck of the woods here in New England.


Thanks for all the photos. Love all the colors and garments and smiling faces. Please bring your purchases along tonight so we can see them! Glad you had a good time.


How gorgeous, I really envy you all that cosy woolly friendship.
In London (where I was born) there are knitters who meet to knit on the Underground. They use a carriage on the Circle Line which, you've guessed it, just goes round and round. They make seriously weird things and there are lots of men knitters.
If I ever get back to England, I'm joining!


A bottle of Bailey's in your coffee could make people make outrageous plans!

Leslie J. Moran

Lesson learned? NEVER say things about not needing any more bags or wool! Can't wait to see your next efforts.


Chrissy: this sounds like a reason to visit London. I want to join the Underground Knitters group. What a great idea.

Mary C

I am in with the Baileys and knitting.!
And I believe you can never have too many bags:)

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