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Judy H.

Fuzzy kids & 2-year-old kids=cute! I notice that you posted this at 4am; hoping that you aren't a zombie from fatigue today! Have a good one! :)


As I read this the boys are bouncing and laughing in their cribs. They were supposed to be napping as of 30 minutes ago....it never stops:) If you ever need a fingerprint fix you should come to my house...I gave up cleaning the oven window, dishwasher, fridge, and storm door ages ago. We miss you too...your big house, fuzzy kitties, Chex mix, M&Ms, and your kisses:)


I have a friend whose twin girls were 3 when I met them. I spent hours and hours with these delightful girls...so I know all about the toddler twins and the things they do.

Whose children are the boys? I've never read anything about your having kids, nor Mary Ann, so I'm assuming you don't.

Louis & Clark look like they're shell shocked or suffering from PTSD...that's not so far fetched, is it?

Leslie J. Moran

I can only imagine. I have those windows too. No kitties and only one...almost 2 year old. You are a saint!


There is nothing better on earth than two year old handprints!!!! I would so totally leave them.They are art in the purest sense.God how I love two!!

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