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I'm on Angie's side here. I purchased this from my salon and I DID ask: "does this have a leak?" The answer was lame: "they left air for transit." I went to the local pharmacy right afterwards and looked at every brand shampoo--and I know they all are packaged and shipped from somewhere else--and not one had all that space. I say: "Bad marketing!" However, the shampoo is really good and I keep buying it. Go figure...


let's go back when i come out this summer so i can tell them to fill it up. mom and i. we'll do it together. you can wait in the car. ha ha ha ha ha

Leslie J. Moran

I'm assuming the fact that Italians consider "rocket" an aphrodisiac has not escaped your notice!!:)

Beware of people with an urge to pour balsamic on your curls!


OK, you've got my head spinning now...Rocket Extract? What the heck could that possibly be? I'm imagining raiding Cape Canaveral, sneaking out to those massive rocket launchers and scooping up some leftovers from the latest launch. But putting it on my hair???? I don't think so. What happens if you get too close to a candle or a match? Hair on fire? You rocket to the moon? Does it smell like fuel?

They'd best be filling that bottle up to the stopper...sheesh. In this day and age we want a lotta bang for the buck.

Judy H.

Ha! Rocket! Gives your hair extra zip! Hmmm, a mystery...I wonder which plant it's from, the Dame's Rocket/Sweet Rocket wildflower, the perennial wall-rocket, or from the plant rocket (arugula). Have never seen it included in a product. Fun!

Violet Cadburry

I bet it's a petroleum by-product recycled from the BP spill, bottled and sold by Halliburton. Better start counting your daily hair loss.

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