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Kelly Kautz

Aw, man, that's the best kind. It's a shame you can never tell if you're going to get the good version or the cloyingly sweet version until you've dropped $4 on a coffee.


You're so close to me! I've been following you and your sister's blog and I am currently taking her class for the Remains of the Day Journal....and loving it. I've been to black dog many times. Think I'll give that latte a try. =)

Ellen D

Carol, I'm in the KC area and love reading about the great places you have highlighted. I've lived here 20 years and feel like I'm being introduced to a new city when I read your posts! Found you after taking MAM's ROD class (loved!). Enjoying your blog so much...makes me happy! Thank you...keep it up!


This sounds so fabulous, I wish I could ditch the kids (temporarily, of course) and zip on over to Kansas (from Utah) and meet you there. I think I'll call my sister to meet me for coffee before I start feeling bad for myself.

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