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Violet Cadburry

Love, love, love. Knitting is something you can do if you know how. Hope that helps everyone with tying knots with sticks:) Seriously, whoever thought up knitting? And, did they use sticks, and wool....very curious about this Carol...

Leslie J. Moran

Can't wait to hear/see what comes out of this wonderful weekend. You are always such a source of inspiration and new ideas. Have a great time and behave! Those knitters can be a wild bunch :)

Nancy Lynn

I love art retreats......never been to a knitting one but it sounds like a lot of fun. And if there is shopping involved, that is a good thing.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Wow! I gave the retreat serious thought but was too busy this year...maybe next year!

Judy H.

Love this! I just got back from an Art Day at a friend's house where we all brought a portable project that we're working on. Some knitters, some painters, some embroiderers, etc. So fun!

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