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I could cry...I'm far from 87th St. in Lenexa, KS...boohoo.

Leslie J. Moran

It's a bit of a stretch to drive there, so have one for me!


I live just a few miles from there. Can't wait to try it out! Thanks!

Judy H.

I don't even drink latte (I know, I know) but these choices look fabulous. :)


Ha I am so happy you you have no idea. I am a barista at Blackdog and I created that menu along with Joab, another barista. I made the sweetheart so I am so glad you like it! AHHH you have no idea how much finding this site made my day thank you. If you ever stop in while I work I'd be more than happy to but you a drink! I'm Katy!


*buy whoops sorry.


I can second this review. This place is the shit! Whenever I'm in the area I stop buy; incomparably better than Starbucks.

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