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Yes, she will definitely want one! Too too cute==for Norway or USA.


Seriously cute hat---better get knitting!! One of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much is that you can be so goofy---love the expression on your face in the hat picture!!! You have an awesome sense of humor!!

julie macneil

oh my gosh, i love that you are already getting your bag ready! i am just like that too and my husband thinks i'm nuts!!! packing is half the fun!

Leslie J. Moran

The hat is perfect and you likely WILL have that expression on your face many a time while wearing it! It would be even more hilarious if it was times two. Get knitting!

Nancy Lynn

I concur with all the other comments.......get those knitting needles moving.....she will love it.


You are seriously gorgeous in that creation.

Make sure Mary Ann has one in her favourite shade of orange.


Also Carol leave some room in your bags for Norwegian wool!! I told Mary Ann you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Judy H.

Yep, she needs one too. :D


I don't have a clue what the weather is like in Norway in June...considerably cooler than in our latitude/longitude, probably rains a lot and cloudy. I'd be sure to take that little number with you, just in case. Nothing worse than being cold. Well, maybe being too hot...

I'm sure you whipped that little number up in no time flat...cozy and warm...does it have ear flaps?

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