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Don't feel to bad about it, i too have no idea what all those unexpected lights are, i always thought it was to make the trip home more exciting.....lol.....and your answer is right , I know because that's what I say to Joe........I just drive it he has to make sure it all works right......lol good luck with the quiz


Like you, I totally think that's what husbands are for.

Aren't they supposed to check the tire pressure every Satuday morning when they get the car washed and fill it up with gas?

Oh . . . Now I remember. That was my dad's weekly protocol. Geeze, I miss that man.


my favorite answer - "call hubby and tell him he has to come pick me up .... (so he can deal with it)". However, I'm fortunate that he is so obsessed with checking tire pressure regularly that this has yet to occur. My luck would be that the engine light would light up my world. sigh.

Judy H.

Been there, done that. :-/

Nancy in Fair Oaks (California)

I am still looking for the EJECT button in my car for those "back seat" drivers who love to give me tips ~

jeanette, mistress of longears

Alas. You have had my experience with the warning lights but you were spared the Inquisition: Didn't you hear any odd noise? Didn't you feel something odd about the ride? These and other rhetorical questions are delivered with the facial expression that says "I married a dunce". I understand. Too well.

Sherry Eckblad

why can't the button just say flat tire? I would of never known what that picture was.

Michele R. Unger

Geez, I feel your pain! Sorry, sweetie. Sometimes you just get lemons, no lemonade....


I would have thought that meant harp on the road, or butt crack ahead... flat tire? Nah...

"come home and let you take care of it because that 's what husbands are for" isn't the right answer? Shhhhh don't let my husband see that! LOL

Pat P

Pssst - this is top secret information that I found out, but I don't mind sharing it with you. I learned that when it comes to non-tire problems, such as anything under the hood, most men don't know what's under that hood any more than I do. Those new-fangled modern engines are very confusing, and their response is to open the hood, stare at the engine, pretend they know what they are looking at, then call someone to fix it.

Carol Gossett

I recently had the exact same thing happen. Who is responsible for such a lame icon?
It doesn't look like a tire, and it doesn't look flat...


The first time I saw that light I looked it up in my owner's manual...but only because mine was accompanied by a little warning buzzer.


Based on what I see, I would say the rim was all right and you only needed a tire.Cheapskate that I am, my course of action would have been to jack up the car at home and take the tire in rather than incurring the cost of towing. This light came on in a car I was driving, so I pulled over, got the owner's manual out of the glove box. Once I knew what this odd icon meant, I proceeded to a gas station, put air in the tire and my husband never even heard of the incident, sparing me any uncomfortable interactions.

Michel Murphy

This would be about the only thing that would make me "study up" on my little warning lights.
And add my vote (yes) to "that's what husbands are for."

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