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Maybe it was Marlboro Man.

Maybe it was Grandpa.


I have a moment like that too! I lived in the Bronx a few years ago and a man on a horse carrying a propane tank was walking down Pelham Parkway. It's firmly imprinted in my memory as one of those surreal moments that life offers us.


There are a couple of teenage boys who ride horses through our town pretty frequently. With all the nice weather we've had, I've seen them twice in the last month. As common as it is here in Podunk, KS it still brings a sense of nostalgia. My what a difference 100 yrs. makes!

Judy H.

Ha! A special moment, for sure! :D

Leslie J. Moran

Tell me EXACTLY what you drank for breakfast :)


Thats awesome. How cool.


I am glad to know that others of you have been equally delighted by the sight of a cowboy in the city. Oh, and Leslie I promise I did not have a cowboy cocktail for breakfast.

Violet Cadburry

Well, could have been a flashback...was he wearing paisley?

jeanette, mistress of longears

I chortled to think about non-Kansans perception of the heart of America....I was once one myself. Grew up in Michigan, and when I learned we'd be moving to this area, all I could think was that it would be "additional shipping required west of the Mississippi"! Now THAT dates me!

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