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I swear, I don't know why you aren't overweight with all the goodies you eat. I'm
back to Weight Watchers and not doing very well on their new ( to me) plan. I have to avoid killer "red light" foods like brownies. One of my favorite Treat, it's not fair, I tell you.


Only one put by for Brother?

They look absolutely wonderful. Professional.


Thank you, Sister. I plan on mailing you treats for your birthday - beats slobbering and drooling all over the monitor.


OMG--those look like the most delicious brownies in the world (and I'm sitting here at work, sick to my stomach after my lunch for the 3rd day in a row). No, I did not eat too much--I ate at all--something I'm seriously thinking about giving up--except for those brownies. Why do you cut them so small??

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