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Nancy in Fair Oaks (California)

My favorite flower but unfortunately where we live they don't grow well (Northern California) but luckily I grew up with them (upstate New York). Yours are beautiful!

Judy H.

Tulip love! Gorgeous!

Violet Cadburry

Serious tulip envy. Hope someone doesn't come along with and snip all those lovely flowers for a bouquet...good thing I live out in CA, your tulips are safe....but not my neighbors:)

Carol Gossett

Absolutely beautiful! Maybe some day I'll have it together enough to actually plant bulbs. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.

Leslie J. Moran

Do you have squirrels in Kansas? I always credit the squirrels here for their artistic designs in my bulb garden. They come up with some pretty crazy things that I NEVER would have thought of :) Looks like your exterior decorators have much better taste :) Happy Spring!

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