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Michele R. Unger

Oh, dear Lord, but those look scrumptious!

Leslie J. Moran

You ate my favourite! Pistachio all the way.


The French are macaron mad. The flavour combos are infinite - does Natasha make white choc with raspberry filling?

Naughty Natasha. That second apostrophe has no place on her box. But who would tell her?


I am absolutely addicted to these small (and expensive!) treats. I drive 60 some miles into Beverly Hills to get them from Bouchon or 'ettes. Passion fruit filling is my favorite, tied with lychee, but green tea, violet cassis, pistacio, coconut, and vanilla bean each come in at 2.95 on the macaron scale. They are simply delicious. Come west and we can sample together. Wonder if MAM likes them too...hmmmm


Oh, oh, oh my! This is not something I've tried YET. Surely in a city of 2 million people, you'd think we would have many choices...fine cuisine, yes. But little goodies and unique coffee bistros...not. I'll have to do a Google search so I can gain some more weight on Weight Watchers.

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