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Joan Clarke

OH NO...not for one second do I like ironing. Being anchored in one spot with a pile of wrinkled clothing is not my idea of fun or satisfaction...I'd rather have every hair on my head plucked out one at a time than iron.

Ordinary days passing, going about your life, I can appreciate and read about regularly. I will not visit this ironing page again, gives me hives. HA



And it was been wonderful to journey through life with you, celebrating beauty, love, cats, tender moments, journals, adventures, food and drink, flowers, fabric, and yarn. . . . Just to mention a few things.

Thank you, Carol, for sharing your life with us. I look forward to reading and seeing something new every day.


Happy one year anniversary Carol!! I have enjoyed your posts, pictures and sense of humor. Looking forward to another year.

Leslie J. Moran

Oh Happy Day! It is so nice to make fabulous new "bloggy" friends. I just love your sense of humour and continue to be surprised and elated by life as Carol sees it. The martini recipes are not half bad either :) Keep up the good work, you inspire and delight.


happy BLOG birthday!!!!!!

ironed pants? huh?

the only thing i iron are my BRAS.

i like 'em all starched, stiff, and cone shaped.

you can only achieve through ironing.


THAT was a fast year. Congratulations! I came by way of Mary Ann (just now finding out about the cone bra - ahem) and have enjoyed your blog very much. I feel like I've really been to Lawrence, Kansas (and I liked it very much!).


I LOVE your blog so much - Happy Birthday! xo


Congrats on your 1 year achievement. I like visiting your blog for your sense of humor and the way you can "say something" in a condensed space and not pages-n-pages of blabber.

Michel Murphy

Congrats and keep up the good work. I'm glad someone else irons like I do. Such a good feeling to know that clothes are smooth and ready when needed. I don't get the people who say they never iron. What are your clothes made of?


I'm with you on the ironing, Carol. I know quite a few people who (proudly) don't even own an iron. And that's fine, except ironed things are so much more comfortable, I feel. And I'm already slightly concerned about my wrinkly self, don't want to underline the effect with crinkly clothes.

Many congratulations on a lovely entertaining blog. I look every day and (am I right?) you've never failed to post daily.

I love blogs and getting to know wonderful people by reading what they have to say about their lives. The words husband, sister and mom kind of come to mind!

marta traughber

congratulations. i love the ordinary. i like that you celebrate it.


I cannot believe it has only been a year. Personally, i hate ironing. But, nice neat lines in carpeting from vacuuming is my thing. Guess I should blog about it!

Violet Cadburry

Thanks for reminding me life is not ordinary once you notice it. Love your blog and happy first birthday. As for ironing, blech! I just bought a new fangled steaming clothes valet thingamabob. Hmmm, wonder if it would work on facial wrinkles too?

Michele R. Unger

Happy anniversary! Congrats on your one year birthday. (And feel free to come do ironing at my house...ANY TIME!)

Nancy in Fair Oaks (California)

I hope you never stop blogging (and maybe ironing) because you've made me appreciate my ordinary life more too ~

Judy H.

Nope, no satisfaction from ironing for me...however...I get LOADS of satisfaction from cleaning out a dresser drawer. :)

Judy H.

PS: Forgot to say Happy Blog Birthday! I enjoy the heck out of it!


Not an ironer, but I love your blog. It's like sitting down to a cup of tea with a friend. I follow your sister's blog, which is how I linked onto this site. Congrats! Here's to many more blogging years!

Chris Oliveira

Carol, the only thing I like better than reading your blog every day is missing a few days and getting to read several posts at once. You make me laugh, I love your book ideas, and your photos, and recipes, and Angie, and on and on.
..thanks for sharing your every day life. Congrats on the anniversary!

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