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Holy Moly! You're there? In Augusta? Rubbing elbows with Arnie, Jack, Gary? Wow! I don't play golf, but love to watch the game on TV, especially The Masters because the course and grounds are so beautiful. Enjoy...what's the deal with pimento cheese spread? I love that stuff. I like to spread it on rye toast with sliced green pimento stuffed olives...oh yum!

Barbara Tarbox

these were/are the giants and gentlemen of golf. some of the behavior yesterday did
Not reflect this. Old timey cheese spread and could you please pass on the green
Jacket cocktail, I missed the first round. Would love to have one today.


Just to be clear, those photos are from 2010. I am there in spirit though. AND I have on my pork pie hat!


No place like Augusta National, Sister. Palmer, Player, and Nicklaus - giants of the game and gentlemen and sportsmen in every sense of the word. Enjoying the memories, sights, sounds and smells with you and Chris and Steve.

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