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We love people to handle the pots in our showroom. You would be very welcome to do that, Carol.

Is that a Henry Moore sculpture in the last picture?

Joan Clarke

Do you recall what was the sculpture from the San Diego Worlds Fair or the St. Louis ? I'd want to touch everything too...I'm totally tactile. I "pet" my yarn, fabric, love to touch glass objects, anything slick and cool. Aside from being escorted out, how was the show?


You see what you need to do is have someone else make a distraction then when the guard is looking away, touch to your heart's content... not saying I HAVE done that (hrm yet) but... just an idea... (who me, sneaky? I think not... right).

Judy H.

Love the Nelson! Yes, it's hard to keep hands to self when exploring art. :)


There is indeed a very nice Henry Moore sculpture garden at the Nelson. I really was NOT escorted out. Someone in our party was admonished (don't worry Dan I won't tell anyone it was you) but it wasn't me.


I totally get it. I often tell my husband, "here, hold my purse so I can look with both hands"

jeanette, mistress of longears

I never doubted you for a minute!

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